CSR – Economy + Society+ Ecology

Corporate Social Responsibility is essential for all types of companies irrespective of the type of business they are into. At the core, it is the responsibility a company or a firm take on the society keeping in mind the impact and effects of their decisions and activities in benefitting the customers through their products and services. No where, it is not just the action of donating money for a social cause, raising funds for a good cause or conducting camps but about how a company contributes to the welfare and health of the customers in the society by making their operation ethical, legal and transparent. Now this is something not possible and not followed by all the companies for this has become a commercial era wherein companies and businessmen try and concentrate more on earning and making money to the maximum possible.

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CSR – a valuable addition to the society and the company

It is the age of money making process and commercialization where companies and people have completely forgotten their responsibilities and duties in serving the society and not harming them; instead, they only try to make the maximum benefits for them forgetting the fact that they are harming and disturbing the calm and silent ecology around them.

When a company is believed and known to be following this concept, it automatically and unknowingly tries to bring in any more benefits and advantages to it as well as the society as a whole.

  • The best in all – the company that implements this CSR in its operations, functioning as well as services would not be able to gain a good name with the customers but would also be able to get some new customers increasing the list of its clientele. Yes, when a company and its services are harmless, people would prefer their services and this way there would be increased profits and benefits to the company.
  • A CSR company would be able to bring in a great impact not only in the financial status of its company by improving its profitability but would also be able to enhance its appearance and name in the society by making an effort to support nature and the environment the customers are in. They deliberately make it a point to be closer to nature and take all efforts not to disturb the calmness in the living environment. So it is not just the customers who benefit from its products and services but also the nature of having harmless products.