Best Investment Options For Your Personal Finances:

Come to the year end, each of the offices will be crowded with people who run from pillars to poles to park their monies in a spot, only to save tax, and be exempted from huge tax bills. But, are they really doing a good job?

Ask us, and we will tell you that what they do is a really a useless act!! Just rushing at the ‘n’th hour to only park your money in a plan that you don’t know the details about!! Why don’t you do that at the beginning of the year? Why don’t you plan your savings, your investments for the financial year, as the year begins?

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Well, if you are a newbie to work then it’s a mandate info you are going to read now; in case you are a pro already, then you are late, but that’s okay to begin. Read on below the various investment options for your personal finance that you may consider.


This is the biggest name and the best bet of all those who have saved!! PPF abbreviated as Public Provident Fund is a retirement plan that offers you great return benefits along with being exempt from tax. You can invest a maximum sum of amount in the account every year and post 21 years after your savings did, you get the returns as per the bonds percentage of every year.

Equity markets:

Investing in stocks is another biggest and largest option on the other side of the globe, in parts of America and others. investing in stock markets give you an option to earn returns in ‘x’ factor, unlike the percentage series. Here you select a stock and invest in it, with the hope that the company performs well, and most of them never disappoint you. you at least get 30-40% returns on the year, sometimes it reaches up to 10x in a period of time. These stock investments are always considered to be taken for long terms, like say 5 years, 10 years and so on; which gives you an option of compounding and a value for your money.


This is the latest development in the series of investing and reaping benefits. The first digital currency that gives you ‘x’ factor returns for sure is a highly risky investment. The investment option has already reached a high spot in the ladder, yet it’s seen moving towards higher price due to demand and of supporting factors.

Although it doesn’t help you in tax saving, the returns that you get can surely be enough even after deducting taxes. It’s one of the best short-term investment like for 5 years, where your money will double or even triple and give you great RoI.

Annual schemes:

Apart from these long-term investments, there are few which are annual schemes, that might let you invest anything for an annual time, and later re-invest the same along with some accumulated interest. This type of investment doesn’t return great interest or doesn’t even accumulate too much. It’s just for the tax purpose and to save money.